Hvem er vi?

en kort titt på hva vi gjør og bryr seg om.

En lokal designfokusert mobil mat leverandør.

Dedikert til leveranse av et varmt håndlaget mat alternativ.

Vi jobber I Fredrikstad med bevilgning fra kommunen for å promotere en alternativ matopplevelse i Østfold.

Stolt av vår mat og design.

Profesjonelt og høflig.


Weddings, parties... anything!

we can cater your event...

Prepared and served hot delicious food.

Tell us what you would like to eat.

Great value per person above 20 people.

No mess, no hassle.


Strømmen Food Festval

Best Festival Food (winner)

We were happy to attend the 'matfestival på Strømmen' in 2016 and pleasantly surprised to win the award for the best festival food.

"Foodtrucken The Cure stakk av med fagprisen for mest spesielle festivalmat.."

"Vi vet ikke nøyaktig hvor mange besøkende det har vært, men utfra alle hundrevis og flere tusen smaksprøvene som har blitt delt ut i løpet av dagen fra de ulike utstillerne, har det vært noen tusen.."

Tilbakemelding og kontakt.

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Patrick Harlan – Daglig leder.

Phone 926 22 977



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Recipe of the week.

not always ours but we've tried 'em, liked 'em & played with 'em...

Looking for our recipes? let us know in the comments section.

homemade chili paste


Patrick recommends: scorching the habenaros over an open flame to access the sugars



We recommend: perseverance, if the plan you have isn't working find another solution. Repeat until there are no more obvious solutions, then add two spoons of desperate abstract and serve with fresh enthusiasm.

cold brew coffee


We recommend: Balance the grind coarseness with the brewing time so as not to waste coffee, nor allow it to get bitter... usually 18-24 hours brewing. Sterilise everything to prevent mold forming as the coffee will be good for at least a week in the fridge.

southern chicken peanut butter stew


We recommend: Add a little chili to bring on the heat and substitute the sweet potato stock for chicken or vegetable... so good!

fermented hot sauce


We recommend: Caremilised pairs and/or apples, added to the mash before fermentation, will add a little sweetness. Sterilise everything!

perfect white rice


We recommend: Cooking the rice in a chicken stock with spring onions.

the science of sorbet


We recommend: A few attempts to get the sugar content right. This will provide a creamy texture without ice crystals.

really fattening potato soup


cola glazed ribs (or beef is good also)

We recommend: Adding liquified black cherries to the glaze. When the cola begins to bubble like toffee, take it off the heat, let it cool and then add the cherries.